Sunday, May 23, 2010

it is one of my favorate ways to paint----Plein Air

This was a great day of painting. Hurracane Ivan had taken the road out leading to Fort Pickens near Pensacola Florida. A kind husband of one member of our group took us out to the fort on a boat. It was a sunny hot day and we had a great time picking view to paint and photograph.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Debbie's Hibiscus

My granddaughter wanted a special painting for her home. She loves redecorating and thought pinks and reds would be perfect because these are her favorite colors. It's very unusual to have such a narrow and tall painting but, that's what she needed and was thrilled to have it fit in with her new room.

Debbie lives in Illinois and when I see a picture of this painting, I always think of her.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Tired

While sitting moping that I was tired, it reminded me of this model that sat for us over in Pensacola at the Belmont center. This father of 5 worked nights and then came to the center to be our model one Wednesday morning. He had a hard time keeping awake. But it made for an interesting sketch.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I had several friends come to my studio on Tuesdays to paint for a couple years. We had friends and neighbors come sit for us. Bill is the husband of Karen Jorgesen and he agreed to sit for us. He was a great model and we all enjoyed his day here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wine and Grapes

Went shopping for the wine bottle. Didn't look at the name or wine type, only looked at the bottle.
It worked for what I wanted in this still-life set up.
I liked the grapes and glasses I had in mind but needed the bottle to finish the look I wanted. I love the copper piece. I have put it in several paintings.

Among The Flowers

I was so tiny and I snuck and tried to hide behind the flowers. I think we were the same size. I was only 4 inches tall and these flowers were gorgeous! I'm trying to do a
"Where's Waldo".

Fantasy Flowers

Just a little fun.
Making up an abstract
flower group

The White Teapot

An amber candle with a profusion of flowers and a terra cotta pot surround the pretty, dainty white teapot. I received this teapot as a gift from my son.

Just For Fun

This was done with an air of fun and frivolity. It was just one of those afternoons that I had to break out of "my mould" and throw caution to the wind. This rooster has brought me so much fun doing something out of the norm and wondering just what the rooster thinks of his colors. Maybe he would really be strutting his stuff if he had a mirror!

Roadside Wildflowers

I did this arrangement for a demonstration for the Brownsville Art League. I presented a program that exhibited my fast impressionistic style of oil painting. I used these wild flowers, stuck in a mason jar, and completed this within one hour.

Amber Candle

This still life set up was done with a vase that was made by my sister Darlene. She loved ceramics and that became her style of creativity while mine is expressed on canvas. The wildflowers are from along the highways of Illinois. They are always plentiful in the spring.

Pink Flowers

Wine and apples always make the pink in potted plants stand out. I enjoy the colors that are complementary with such simplicity. These flowers will go in my garden as soon as the chill is out of the air!

Copper Cup

I liked this old copper cup...especially when it was put with the brass pitcher and all the flowers. Copper goes well with anything, even the grapes.

Seen From The Dock

Spainish Cove has so much to offer...especially if you go out to the dock early in the morning. Sunrise at Perdido Bay is a spectacular experience.
Join me some time but, please call and warn me first so I can get up on time!

Walk Over The Bridge

Another great day painting with the Plein Air Group in one of the great Pensacola Parks. So many things to see and so many interesting views to paint. This little walking bridge didn't have sides on it so you really had to be careful and keep your balance.

At The Zoo

A day at the Brownsville, TX zoo. There was this beautiful waterfall that added interest to my trip there. The sound was delightful too!

In the Garden

This is my friend's wife sitting for us in the flower garden. It was a nice summer day and several of us were surrounding her and painting. This was a great day for all of us.
Thanks Beth for being out model.

Matamoros Street Vender

This is one of the venders who worked in Matamoros, just over the bridge connecting Mexico with the United States in Southern Texas. She sold a variety of things. She had these giant paper flowers and hand crocheted works and hats and who-knows-what. The colors were daze ling. We lived in Brownsville for nearly 20 years and saw a lot of changes across the border in Mexico while we were there. It became less friendly and sometimes hostel when you didn't buy what they held out to you. I am hoping you will feel wecome if you go there now. I have been gone from there for almost 6 years now.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I thought you might be interested in some of my portrait sketches. I love doing these. Whenever I can con someone into sitting still for 20 or 30 minutes.
This was my neighbor across the street. A sweet lady. Elizabeth. It was great having her.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Afternoon Retreat

This was done on one of my Plein Air morning trips. This Pensacola yard was flowers and trees front side and back. There were quite a number of us here but you would think you were the only one because of the wonderful way everyone dissappeared in the lush growth. It was a good day.

A Mother's Love

A watercolor painting I did several years ag0. I used a couple pictures to choose from.

I always hang this around Christmas time. It just feels good to see it everytime I walk by.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Mom

After I finished this painting of my mom, she asked Kathy and Patty, my pre-teens, if they thought she really looked that old. Both girls answered "Older gramma."
So, be careful what you ask real young ladies. It might not be the answer you are looking for.
Mom was 85 at the time and to the young girls she seemed very old; to me she looked great.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sail Boat

What a lovely boat. I spent the morning here wishing I could get on that boat and sail out to sea. I have never been on a sail boat. I spent spare time all my life on motor boats of various
sizes. Love the time on the water. I had fun painting this scene. A wonderful day under the clouds. It must have brought up a memory for someone as it sold the first time I displayed it at the Foley gallery.

Brownsville Pomegranates

These beautiful things grew outside the door of the Brownsville, Texas Art Studio where I taught for 18 years. They were heavy on the bush and wonderful colors. I took this branch into the studio and tied it up onto a background to get a great view of it with it's shadows.

Brown Jugs

What fun, stacking these jugs up on things to make this set-up. I did this in Texas with a group of artists I painted with a couple times a week. We had fun bringing things in to mix and match. We also included goodies we shared as the day continued on. We often set the goodies on the table for a while so we could include them in the paintings. This was one I passed up when they started to snack.

Blue Feather Pen

This was fun to do also. The old lamp was mine, the used books belonged to one friend and the ink and feather pen was another's. Of course the flowers were grabbed by the armful out of the front yard of the studio. We gave the pen a try but couldn't make anything readable with it. So glad I have ball-point ones to use.

Birds in Flight

Well, I suppose you have guessed that I did not do this Plein Air. The darn birds just wouldn't hold still for me, I have to click pictures and go home to paint them. They were swarming around for a free hand out. They will eat most any treat you offer them on the beach down on Padre Island on the Texas Gulf Shore.

Autumn Colors

Finally more paintings! Jeanne just got back from her cruise so...she came over and helped me get some more of my paintings on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

"Autumn Colors" is a painting with some of my favorite colors; these autumn hues are reflected in lots of my paintings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Vase Full

If you know me you know that I love flowers. The more flowers the better. A full vase is a happy vase!

Deep Shade

The Pensacola parks are so full of beautiful scenery. The reflections from the trees into the water were just what I was looking for.

Country Living

Country living at its best. This cozy cottage and country view in Brownsville, Texas inspired me. Texas has so many Bougainvilleas blooming, I looked, painted, enjoyed and then...I gave the painting to Jeanne

Christmas On The Beach

It is so hard to find things to decorate for Christmas but...I found something. I didn't put up a tree the year I painted this so I decorated the drift protection fence and pretended the white sand was SNOW!


I painted this in Pensacola. Had a great day, thanks to Jill's driving!

The Plein Air group had a great time too. I was lucky to have a great shade tree to sit under while doing this!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And One Hibiscus

One of my very favorites. An armful of flowers from the yard. Only one hibiscus was in bloom, so that became the name.
This hangs on my wall always.

Abstrct Hibiscus

Every once in a while I have fun doing an abstract. I love hibiscus and they got picked upon this time. I think there might be a few other flowers in there so...I hope you enjoy.

A Chairful

I searched for a year at yard sales and thrift stores for a chair I had in mind. I finally found it; now I could finally do this painting. I filled the chair and this blue crock with poppies, jonquils, tulips and a wide range of anything colorful.
What do you think of my chair now?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Christmas Lights

Christmas always brings with it that extra special feeling of hominess that we all want around us. I couldn't resist taking the bulbs from the tree and adorning the beautiful old oil lamp. It made such a beautiful centerpiece and the painting will last a lifetime !


Yes, it's the NAS Lighthouse. How could I (or any artist) resist having such a beautiful lighthouse so near to home.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Mother"s Love

The Lighthouse Refuge for Abused Women used this painting for publicity for their shelter in 2007.

Stuck in Water

This water color was done in Alabama and I found these roses and I couldn't resist painting them. They smelled good too!

Grandpa Has Been Fiddling Again

I couldn't resist calling it this. I love that old fiddle and it has been fun to paint it in many situations with many colors and it always looks different and interesting.

Picnic At Night

A friend brought this guitar in to the Brownsville Art League. It inspired me. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Melons

This is a painting I did in Illinois with Gerald Merfeld (now in Colorado) Great artist. Look him up some time.

Grandpa's Fiddle

This fiddle was my husband's grandfather's fiddle. He came from Ireland and bought it at a trading post in Iowa. Yes it was way back when they had trading posts!

Grandma's Other Love

This is a painting of my grandmother and her "other love"...TRIXIE ! Best of Show in Foley 2008 and I still love looking at my grandmother!